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Shape your social network

No description

István Kárász

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Shape your social network

We help you to end succesfully
The only relevant organization which can help you in your educational and other affairs. We'll inform you about the most important information

If you are interested join our international crew

We are not just an International Committee, but an international community!

You can contact us anytime in our office or via email
Your helpers and your "mentors"
Ban ki moon
Corvinus World Events: integration nights

Cultural Events:

Ambassadors'-, ministers'-, CEOs' lectures

International Day, Erasmus expo (Cooking competition, exhibitions)
Cultural events, free-time
Your rights are the most important
Operation is stated by law

The sole organization which is stated by law to represent students in university life

To represent the students' rights in the senate and other elected bodies

To protect or defend the students' rights
Legal obligation
Corvinus World
Help to be integrated

Corvinus World to inform you (magazine, Facebook, emails, journals)

Help in educational affairs, mentorprogram

Tours to get to know Budapest and Hungary

Organizing events (International Day, Erasmus Expo...)
International Relations Committee of SU
Shape your social network
by the Students' Union of CUB
The graduation ceremony
Educational Affairs
The Students' Union of CUB
Legal representation of the students stated by law (on national level as well)

High level of influence in passing university level decisions

Helping students in problematic situations

Informing students (Facebook, magazines, journals, emails...)

Organizing events (cultural and parties)

Best uni parties of Hungary
The best university parties in Hungary

In the hall of the university and in the best clubs of Budapest

Joke about the Corvinus citizens: they just party all the time

Balls, club parties, theme parties, summer festival at Lake Balaton...

You'll see why
Event management
How to contact us

Main building (E), room 17
(Mon-Thur. 9:00-16:00, Fri: 9:00-14:00)

E-mail: hok@uni-corvinus.hu

Facebook: Corvinus World

If you have any problem don't hesitate to contact us!
- Answer the questions via oktatas@bcehok.hu

- Daily contact with teachers to communicate students' problems

- Organize free tutor programs

- Organize "textbook market"

- Sign language training

- Editing Exam period Smart Guide

- Educational staff on duty

- Operative curriculum review
Közgarden Coffee & Study Bar
Under the Ráday (Földes Ferenc) Student hall

Fair prices

Good atmosphere

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