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ASAW Presentation

Presentation about animal abuse, animal shelters and prevention.

Diana Kruzman

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of ASAW Presentation

Future Business
Leaders of
America Animal Shelter
Awareness Week Animal Homelessness Chubz's Story is an example
of animal
abuse in the Bay Area...
What to know, and
how to deal with
animal homelessness
and abuse. Homelessness is a huge problem How to deal with animal
homelessness? -Adopt a pet from a shelter
-Spay/neuter pets!
-Volunteer at a shelter
-Donate to shelters Animal Abuse Intentional (aggressive)
Psychopathic problems
Life problems
Unintentional (passive)
Irresponsible owners
Puppy mills (buying online; horrible conditions) Animal Abuse in the Bay Area PETA, ASPCA How to Help Be kind to animals!
Report suspicious activity
Adopt instead of buying online!
Donate, volunteer, and pledge
Spread awareness of cruelty and need to prevent
Contact PETA, ASPCA, Animal League, and our very own Project TAILS! Community Service Project: Project TAILS
Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority -Homeless animals outnumber humans 5 to 1
-People forced to leave their pets
-Irresponsible owners: pets get lost
-Animals not neutered
-Overpopulation of streets and shelters
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