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Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

No description

Peyton Wombacher

on 13 March 2017

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Transcript of Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

The Crowns
White crown of Egypt is called the Hedjet Crown
Symbol that represented Upper Egypt
Some Gods are shown wearing it
Red crown of Egypt is called the Deshret Crown
Symbol that represented Lower Egypt
It is not around today
No pharaoh has ever been buried with them, may have been passed down from past rulers
Crook and Flail
Two most famous items of Ancient Egypt
Almost always seen together
Held across the chest of kings or other gods
Treated as symbols of royalty
Even the Romans had these
Crook is a cane with a hooked handle, sometimes gold plated and blue copper bands
It means ‘rule’
Flail is a rod with three attached beaded strands
They were alone in some of the earliest royal parties
Ancient Egyptian Artifacts
They are named Upper and Lower Egypt because of the way the river flows
Upper Egypt is at the bottom of the river and Lower Egypt is at the top
Ancient Egypt
Sarai Jorgenson, Katie Tobias, and Peyton Wombacher

Dunn, Jimmy. "Tour Egypt." The Crook and Flail in Ancient Egypt. Tour Egypt, 03 Mar. 2017. Web. 03 Mar. 2017.
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Ruler Menes wore the double crown because he ruled over all of Egypt
The double crown is both the Upper and Lower crowns.
During the first millennium, which is 100 years, the Egyptians built their bigger artifacts like the Pyramids of Giza
Where the Crook and Flail have been found
All of these artifacts were worn by male rulers in the patriarchy, which means men were the leaders
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