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Say it with flowers

No description

torin casale

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Say it with flowers

Say it with flowers
Toshio mori

Three facts about the author
1: Born in 1910
2: He was born in Oakland
3: Died in 1980
One day a young boy named Teuro walked into a flower shop asked for a job and they accepted him. The next day he came to work he started to train they said to him only sell the flowers in the front of the shop. They are old and they need sold and the flowers in the back are fresh so don't sell them. The next day Teuro was selling flowers and he sold the flower in the front of the shop people were asking "are the flower's fresh?". Teuro had to say yes Teuro felt so guilty that he started to sell the fresh flowers. The next day Teuro came to work Teuro's boss started to yell at him he said "we need to make money you cant sell the flowers in the back or i'll fire you". Teuro ignored the warning and sold the fresh flowers and was happy. Teuro then started to give away flowers for free and his boss caught him and said "Teuro the old lady didn't pay what are you doing". Teuro replyed "I liked the old lady so i gave the flowers to her for free Teuro's boss said to him "Your'e fired get out get out now!". Teuro never returned to the flower shop.
Teuro is at a flower shop the whole story
Conflict: Teuro was selling the fresh flowers when he was actually suppose to be selling the old flowers

Resolution: Teuro's boss ended up firing Teuro because he gave Teuro many warning on selling the old flowers rather than the fresh
Theme: I think the theme is to do what you think is right because Teuro had to sell the old flowers and say they were fresh but teuro didnt want to do that
Teuro: Teuro is thoughtful because he dosen't want to sell the old flowers to people and say they are fresh because he feel guilty and he wants to sell the fresh flowers because its makes him happier because he dosen't have to lie
Mood: I think that the readers should feel that Teuro's boss is not neccisarily a bad guy just a person trying to survive in the world but he is not doing it in the right way

Tone: The author makes Teuro's boss sound like a bad/good guy because Teuro's boss make's Teuro sell old flowers but he gives Teuro a few chances
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