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Navigation Walk

Garrett College NSAD

Ashley Ruby

on 6 April 2018

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Transcript of Navigation Walk

New Student Advising 2016
Garrett College
Virtual Navigation Walk
Welcome to Garrett College!
We are happy to have you joining us today!
Business Office
Learning Resource Center
Library Hours:

Hours are posted outside of library. Evening and weekend hours are available each semester!
Navigation Walk
We are going to take you on a virtual Navigation Walk of campus.
Financial Aid
Office Room(s): 401, 403, 405
Phone: 301-387-3080
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30-4:30
Records and Registration
Office Room(s): 410, 411
Phone: 301-387-3047
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 - 4:30
Online New Student Advising Day
You are HERE!
The purpose of the navigation walk is to familiarize you with the offices you will need to know to do your business at Garrett College.
Business Office
Records and Registration
Learning Resource Center
CARC (Health Services)
Financial Aid
Information Technology
Campus Map
Information Technology
Health Services
Access to Databases
Circulation Items
Interlibrary Loans
Group Study Rooms
Public Use Computers
Fax Services
Account & Password Information
What to do if you forget your password?
Password Practices
Student Mobile Device E-mail Setup
Wireless Network Access for Students
Printing on Campus
Residence Facility Cable TV and Internet Access
Student Multimedia Request

Garrett College recognizes that illness, disease and other health related problems disrupt educational opportunities and the future productivity of individuals. Therefore, we strive to promote the health of our students to enable them to succeed in achieving their goals while here at Garrett College as well as throughout their lives.

You are encouraged to utilize available services and to make us a fundamental part of your campus support system. We are committed to working with you to create a positive and successful college experience.

Take a look at the map below. The six pink numbers indicate the offices that we will be looking at in more depth within this
virtual Navigation Walk.
Office Room: 319
Phone: 301-387-3025 (help desk)
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 - 4:30
Room: 500's
Phone: 301-387-3009
Office Room: 707
Phone: 301-387-3089
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 - 4:30
CARC, Health Department
: CARC 301-387-3786
Office Hours
: vary by semester
Your bill is due by June 20th; including financial aid and any balance after.
We offer a payment plan, payment by cash, check or credit card.
You will be charged a $25 non-refundable registration fee. We encourage you to pay this fee when you receive your bill today.
When you have access to your Student Portal, your bill, along with any financial holds, will be posted there.
You may use excess aid to charge meal plans or books, make arrangements by coming to the business office.
Advising & Academic Success Center
Home of the...
Office Room: 519
Phone: 301-387-3715
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:30 - 4:30
The Information Technology Team at Garrett College is responsible for all technology and computing needs for the College. This includes the network, servers, student information system, classroom labs, wireless Internet access, accounts and passwords, email, Blackboard, and much more.

For instructions, procedures, services provided, or more information on what we do for our students, please visit the Garrett College web page and select Student Services and Information Technology (http://www.garrettcollege.edu/services/it). You may also visit our office on the McHenry Campus in room 319.
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
GPA is reviewed each grading period by the Financial Aid Office. Grants, scholarships, loans and work study jobs require a student to make Satisfactory Academic Progress.
Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA, each semester.

Total Credits AttemptedMinimum Cumulative GPA
1-15.99 1.5
16-28.99 1.75
29+ 2.0

Students must satisfactorily complete 67% of classes, each semester.

GCSP-Garrett County Scholarship Program requires 2.0 GPA each semester
Make the Grade - Save Your Aid!
Financial Aid Warning status applies to a student who does not meet SAP requirements during the semester. The student remains eligible to receive aid for one additional grading period.

Financial Aid Termination status applies to a student who does not meet SAP requirements for two consecutive semesters. The student is ineligible for grants, scholarships, loans and work study.
You may access grades through the Student Portal located on the Garrett College Website. Watch your GC student email account for notifications. Warning and Termination notices to be sent in the next two weeks!
You will recieve a schedule/billing statement today when you register for classes.
Community Aquatic &
Recreation Complex (CARC)
The Office of Records & Registration at Garrett College oversees two major functions of the College:
1) the management of the students’ educational records, and
2) the adherence to the policies and procedures for advising, registration, and degree completion.

Educational Records and the Student Portal

This Office maintains your official educational record. In addition to the hard copy information maintained by the Office, you also have electronic access to information via the Student Portal (see Student Portal brochure).

Your College Email Account

Within a few days after registering for classes, you will receive a letter in the mail containing your User Name and Password. This User Name and Password is universal for all technology located on campus including your college email account. Be sure to read the letter entirely, as it contains instructions on how to activate your account. It is important that you check your student email account regularly, at a minimum of once a day. Your instructors and the staff of the College will NOT communicate with you via any other email address.

Official Transcripts

When applying for scholarships or transferring to another College, you may be asked for an “Official Transcript”, this is the official record of the grades for the classes you have taken at the College. Your official academic transcript can be obtained only from the Office of Records & Registration. To send an official transcript, you simply submit a signed Transcript Request form to the Office. Keep in mind, official transcripts go through standard mail, so allow yourself plenty of time for delivery.

College Policies and Procedures

The actual process of registering for classes is something you will do in conjunction with your Advisor. Your New Student Advisor will teach you how the process works so you are prepared for next semester. It’s important for you to know that there are many rules and procedures that guide the registration process, including many important deadlines. While the Office of Records & Registration does not actually ‘register’ you for classes (your Advisor does), this office is responsible for overseeing the process and making sure that policies are recognized and adhered to.

Important Deadlines and Financial Impact on You

One important guideline for you to know today before registering for classes is that there are deadlines associated with your registration and these deadlines have academic and financial impacts upon you. For instance, should you decide you want to change your schedule, you must provide written notice to your Advisor by the published “Last Day to” date and there may be a financial cost for doing so. Refer to your class schedule when considering making changes to your schedule.

Make sure you understand the financial impact of changing your schedule! If you are receiving financial funding such as the Federal Pell Grant or the County Scholarship Program, dropping or withdrawing from a class may impact your financial aid award and you may be required to return monies to the agencies who awarded the funds to you. Talk with a Financial Aid counselor for more information on how schedule changes could personally cost you money!

Health services are provided by the Garrett County Health Department. A representative from the health department is on campus a minimum of one time per week.

Additional health services are available through referal by the health department, the counselor on campus, or the student life office.
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