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manifest destiny: the heavy cost

No description

sarah horton

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of manifest destiny: the heavy cost

the harm of manifest destiny began with the indian removal when thousand of indians were force fully marched to Kentucky. even the Cherokees who attempted to adapt to white culture. the the trail they walked on became the trail of tears.
the indian romovial
in conclusion manifest destiny is a era of bad decision making that led to death, pain ,and heart break. it is one of the most shameful era in U.S history.
during the native american removal the seminole attempted to defend themselves from the land grabbing government, this resulted in a 10 year war between the tribe plus Spain against the united states sadly the united states won and the Seminole were forced to walk the trail of tears
the Seminole war
during the manifest destiny the U.S government were attempting to take Texas from Mexico this led to a war where we took almost half of the mexican's land expanding the U.S even farther.
the mexican-american war
manifest destiny: the heavy cost
the rapid expansion of the united states caused harm to native american and any one who got in their way
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