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Travel Plan

1-1 Australia

Jegun Lee

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Travel Plan

Travel Plan Table of Contents Australia Preparation Luggage
Cash & Credit card
electric transformer 1.Preparation

1st 2nd 3rd : Sydney
4th 5th :Blue Mountain, Byron Bay
6th 7th : Brisbane, Gold coast


4.Tip & Practical Information Official Language is English
Sixth-largest country
it ranks highly in many international comparisons of national performance quality of life Sydney Harbour Bridge Sydney Opera House Watsons Bay Gap Park Bondi Beach Souvenir ($1.20) Pasta ($22.00) Fried Seafood ($49.00) Sydney Tower($26.00) Sydney Tower Buffet ($69.50) Souvenir ($3~5) Old Sidney Holiday Inn ($445.94) Gold Coast surfers paradise Water park hotel and spa
($120,internet $11.47) Tourist activities Airport marathon ( 7/6, 7/7) $145 asics sport & leisure expo sightseeing and exercise at the same time Meal Breakfast : hotel buffet $30

Lunch: beach café & take away(hamburger and fish&chips) $21

Dinner : Hot Rock restaurant - (Bier, coke, fisherman bisket, susi set) 1 per $ 30 Brisbane oaks chartotte towers brisbane $ 170 Roma street parkland Bule Mountain Echo point Scenic World $10~19 Katoomba Mountain Lodge
$29 cheep and you can book various activity Byron Bay Cape Byron Lighthouse Main Beach surfing Cape Byron Hostel YHA
$32 -can book surf club and trasportation
-lend board, bicycle for free TiP & Information Must buy electric transformer
Business time
-Bank(9~16), Post(9~17), store(9~17.5)
Tip is optional
Summer Time
Sunblock is essential !! -T.O.P- 201202704 Jea geon Lee
201300031 Min ho kang
201302084 Ji yoon won Travel Route Transportation Incheon >>>Sydney > Blue Mountain,
>>>Byron Bay >> Gold coast > Brisbane>>>Incheon -Aussie Explorer Pass (central coaster) $183
Jet star (Sydney>>>Brisbane) $ 100
International flight $ 900
-GO-card $50 Meal Breakfast : hotel restaurant $20

Lunch: Japanese restaurant
Sono Lunch box $35

Dinner : Korean restaurant
Maru pork cutlet $13.80 Thank you -Settlement- +Transportation = $1233
Explorer Pass (central coaster) $183
Airplane $1000
Bus card $50
+Room charge = $797
Holiday Inn $446
Katoomba Mountain Lodge $29
Cape Byron Hostel YHA $32
Oaks chartotte towers brisbane $170
Surfers paradise $120
+Admission = $190
Sydney tower $26
Scenic World $19
Airport Marathon $145
+Food expenses = $560
$80 X 7
+Souvenir = $30 $ 2810 crowded shopping centers, cafes,
good prospects
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