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Community Center

No description

James Rees

on 12 August 2016

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Transcript of Community Center

Provide a location for youth and seniors to work and play together.
Provide new, up-to-date, safe and clean offices for the Park District
Provide new, up-to-date, and safe gymnastics gym
Provide the Island with an up-to-date and safe multi-level facility that meets many other needs, including:
a. Teen Center
b. Senior Center/Area
c. Dividable Gymnasium  
d. Meeting/Classrooms
e. Commercial Kitchen
Reviewed and Identified
Explored, Toured, and Interviewed
Viewed Facilities with similar interest

Using the data collected the group developed a priority list of those items that we believe should be included in a Community Recreation Center
Teen Center
Current Location Will Be Unavailable

Limited Room and Space
Crowded Playing Area
Current Condition of Computer Lab
District Office
Inadequate Office Space
Computer Servers in Separate Building
Storage Unit for Records
Unsafe Infrastructure
Gymnastic Gym
Insufficient Heating and Cooling
Crowded Areas Making Gymnastic Difficult
No Walkways
Vault Runway Not a Walkway
Inadequate Storage
Low Ceilings
Low Ceilings
Senior Center
Need room to enhance their programs
Hopes for Our Community Center
Ideas From Other Community Centers
Dividable Gym
Commercial Kitchen
Dance Room
Cafe with Free Library
Indoor Track
Computer Lab
Conference Rooms
Leisure Room
Kids Play Area
Senior Playground
We have not looked at specific costs. We know it will most likely require a community bond measure.
Indoor Track
Community Center
Unsafe Infrastructure
Gymnastic Gym
Unable to Use All of the Spring
Floor due to Mat Storage
Viewing Area for Parents
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