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Civil War Era Scrapbook Assignment

Justin howard project

Superboy Jr

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Civil War Era Scrapbook Assignment

Slavery Civil War Timeline Civil War Missouri Compromise Economics Federalism Sectionalism Constitution Dred Scott Constitution Constititution (1787/1791) Allows slaves to be count a 3/5th preson for H.O.R
Slave trade can exist until at least 1808.
Constitution can not be amended untill 1808 ban slavery. Compromise of 1877 (1877)
Withdrew all federal soilders from southern positions.
Appointed democrats to the presidential cabinet.
The four million former slaves in the south considered the Compromise of 1877 as the "Great betrayal".
1860 Election(1860)
Abraham Lincon won the 1860 election with the support of the slaves.
The debate was important to Lincons presidential elections as he discussed his efforts for complete freedom of slaves. Bull Run (1861-1862)
A first battle during the summer of 1861 and a second during the summer of 1862, Both at a stream called Bull Run.
Union army assulted the Confederates, Johnstons last brigade forced federals to retreat to D.C.
Pope retreated army across the Bull Run and headed to the capital. Lincoln Assassination(1865)
Friday evening, Lincoln attemded a proformance at Ford's theatre in Washington.
Lincoln was shot in the head by John Booth who was a confederacy spy. This was a rebelion of the south.
Andrew Jackson took over the presidentcy.
Draft Riots(1863)
Southerners first employed the draft for the American war.
Drafties would be chosen by the lottery.
Blacks would be the targets of these riots to stop the draft. Amendmant 13,14,15(1877)
The 13th Amendmant states that slavery is banned from the nation and is now illegal.
The 14th states that slaves and all other African decendant has the same legal rights as any white male.
The 15th amendmant states that all African American citizens have the right to vote.
These were added after the civil war and are known as the "civil right act" and officailly made African Americans citizens of this nation. South Carolina Seccession(1860)
The first state to secade from the Union.
South Carolinas secade was believed by many to be the first strike to cause the Civil War.
South Carolina wanted slavery to continue and did not want any new amendmants that would result in a changed country. Emancipation Proclamation(1863)
President Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclemation since slavey was a major cause of the Civil War.
The Proclemation states "that all persons held as slaves, are and henceforward shall be free."
Many whites in the south did not agree with this and took advantage of the African Americans inability to understand the American language and tricked them into signing a contract that would pay for their property dept which could never be paid for. Antietam(1862)
Commonly known as the bloodiest battle in US history.
The battle was a surprise attack on the Federals by the Confederates
Battle had an estimated 23,100 casualties and as an aftermath, Lincoln thought this would be as good a time as any to establish the Emancipation Proclemation. Confederacy forms(1861)
Florida, Georgia, Missisippi, Louisiana, Alabama & Texas join South Carolina to make the Confederacy.
Confederacy formed to fight for slavery and return the fugitive slave law.
This was the start of the Civil War, the Southernest states vs the Northern states. The End By Jordan and Justin A.K.A GameTime SuperBat Thanks To:
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