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Tamara's Teaching Portfolio

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Tamara Copeland-Samaripa

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Tamara's Teaching Portfolio

Tamara Copeland-Samaripa Teaching/Work Experience Additional Experience MORE 2003-2004 Lecturer 2001-2004 ASL Instructor 2005 ASL Instructor 2007-2008 High School ELA Teacher 2006-
Present My Background
Teaching Philosophy education To me, an excellent teacher is as much a student as she is an instructor. I want my students to know that they teach me as much as I teach them. I have an immense love for learning and enjoy reading and discovering new things. I work hard to give my students authentic experiences. I try my best to challenge all of my students at all levels of achievement. I encourage my students to put forth their best effort and to feel free to ask questions. I enjoy taking advantage of “teachable moments” and feel the best learning environment is one that is hands-on and interactive. I love technology and how it allows my students the freedom to discover learning in a wide variety of ways and prepares them for the world at large. I am a story-teller at heart and love to make information come alive for my students. I try very hard to put abstract concepts into something tangible for students, something they can grasp for themselves. Last but not least, I believe I have an important responsibility to teach students to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and respectful collaborators. M.S. Degree in Deaf Education from Lamar University (May, 2006)

B.S. in Deaf Studies
B.A. in Psychology from Boston University (May, 2000) Educator Certifications Deaf and Hearing Impaired grades PK-12 (May, 2006)
Generalist Grades EC-4 (May, 2006)
English Language Arts & Reading grades 8-12 (January, 2007)
Bilingual Education--ASL (November, 2012)
American Sign Language EC-12 (November, 2012) Texas School for the Deaf implemented English Language Arts Curriculum for grades 9-12
designed and implemented lesson plans for 6 English and Reading classes at 4 different levels (AP, Pre-AP/honors, regular, remedial)
Drafted IEPs for over 30 students annually
created assessments for Language Arts and Reading
applied for and won 3 foundation grants to purchase new books and magazines for the media center
involved in committee (2008-2009) to revise current ELA curriculum and to expand the reading materials and resources in the media center.
applied for and won foundation grants for purchasing books to help expand classroom libraries
co-chair of English Department (2009-2011) & Chair of English Department (2011-2012)
Technology mentor (2011-present)
presented iPad workshop in the technology lab at Statewide Conference on Education of the Deaf
created http://rangertech.wordpress.com to help teachers with integrating technology Upward Bound- Nobles & Greenough School (Dedham, MA) Designed and implemented a 6 week intensive ASL/Deaf Studies curriculum for two classes of 25 students each, including the development of classroom instructional materials
created assessments for Sign Language proficiency
developed a seminar based curriculum to not only teach language but also teach tolerance towards people with disabilities taught american sign language (level 2)
planned instruction and assessment with other ASL 2 teachers
created ASL games for use in the Sign Language Lab Lamar University, Beaumont, TX Northeastern University
Boston, MA taught "Deaf People in Society" course which focuses on educating students about Deaf Culture, Deaf values and norms, as well as the history of Deaf people and how it plays a roll on current status of Deaf people in America.
was mentored by Dennis Cokely before being offered the opportunity to teach the course on my own. Communication and Outreach Assistant Northeastern University coordinated the task for on training and recruitment for interpreters of color
planned workshops on multicultural issues
coordinated training for working interpreters of color
conducted outreach to various schools to talk with students about the interpreting field
coordinated peer mentorship program for interpreters in the conference setting
attended workshops, conferences, and meetings to promote the interpreter Education Project's goals.
general office work
designed web page for interpreter education project (currently defunct) ASL consultant for Boston, MA theater companies (Wang Center for the Arts, Wheelock Family Theater, New Repertory Theater, (et al.)
Tutored students related to sign language and interpreting
past Secretary an Fund raising Co-chair of Massachusetts State Association of the Deaf
Support Service Provider for DeafBlind individuals ASL Poetry Analysis Flipped Lesson Sample ASL Syllabus Websites/Technology
I use: Example Syllabus Highlighting My Skills Professional Portfolio example using Voicethread to gather student responses I begin flipping some of my lessons this year. Students watch the video at home and come to class prepared to apply the lesson. http://bit.ly/OIXLuA http://voicethread.com/share/4117040/ this is just an image:
click link
to view lesson course packet includes Master ASL units 1 & 2 as well as copies of chapters from "For Hearing People Only" This is for a 6 week summer course syllabus for English Edmodo.com kidblogs.org www.wikispaces.com mentormob.com popplet.com quia.com and more... wordpress.com iPads macbook pro PowerSchool Google Drive
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