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No description

Emiko Guthe

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of ePORT

Data Collection Online Control Panel Cloud-based Data Storage Project Data Cycle Visualization Reporting Analysis Baseline
Survey KAP
Survey Project
Tracking Project
Emails Reviews
of financial records Law/Policies
Passed Indicator Tracking forms managed by M&E Specialist Completed by project enumerators or subcontractor Reporting Data entered by project staff or appropriate partners Collect data offline, saved securely to the mobile device until a connection is available
Flexible and customizable forms
Secure data
Every data record contains GPS coordinates which can be mapped It's not always efficient to use mobile devices to enter data.
The online control panel offers a manual data entry option to create new data records and edit already captured data.
Permission levels allow only administrators to make these changes though other users can view and export data from the online control panel. Each data record has a unique ID Data can be easily exported to Excel Data feeds allow for automatic updating of external reporting tools When connected to wi-fi or cell
network, data saved on mobile devices uploads
to a cloud-based database. When records are uploaded to the cloud-based database, notification emails can be sent to relevant stakeholders. ePORT A New Approach to
Collecting, Managing, and
Reporting Project Data A discreet activity (event, training, workshop, meeting, etc.)
May or may not be associated with indicators in the PMP. May or may not be tied to one discreet event or activity (policy passed, hectares under improved management, institutions with increased capacity). Reporting tools are customized by project Data are reported in real-time.
Tools vary from key performance indicator dashboards to webmaps.
Local databases with dynamic data feeds quickly and easily update quarterly and annual reporting requirements. Key performance indicator dashboard Data Documentation Photographic documentation (of training participants, sign-in sheets) provide an "audit-ready" system Statistical and spatial analysis of ePORT data provides the final step in an evidence-based learning and adaptive management toolbox. Online maps for activity reporting
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