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No description

Ailed Vazquez

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of GMO

In the future GMOs will help us prevent pesticides use.
Fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer and naturally resistant to insects.
Roundup Weedkiller
Effects on the Human Body
Do We Have a Right to Know?
Natural brands are a part of big corporations that are against GMO labeling.
Negative Because....
Genetically Modified Organisms
By: Ailed & Joye
What are GMO's ?
GMO's stands for Genetically Modified Organisms
GMO's are foods produced from organisms that have had specific changes introduced into their DNA using the methods of genetic engineering.
Benefits of GMO's
It allows increase in food production and more nutritious crops.
Increase in economic gains.
Dicamba- A developmental toxin used as a weed killer that disrupts the plants hormonal system.
In 2009 farmers dumped more than 57 million pounds of Glyphosate on food crops.
Chemicals such as Dicamba are likely to lead to 60-100 percent increase in the amount of herbicides used.
Glyphosate acts as a endocrine(hormone producer) disruptor
"85% of corn and soy grown in the United States comes from seeds whose DNA has been rejiggered (to increase yields) and those two crops play starring roles in countless processed foods, from soda to salad dressing to bread."
Helps reduce cost of the crop market.
Prevention of Pesticides.
GMO's can be found in as many as 60-70% of the foods in the U.S.
The microbiome is the microorganism population which lives on and in the human body.
Don Huber's Autism Studies
September 2013 about 7,800 releases have been approved for genetically engineered corn, more than 2,200 for GE soybeans, more than 1,000 GE cotton, and about 900 for GE potatoes
Liver Disease
LDL Cholestrol
169 million acres (168 million hectares) of planted GMO's in the U.S. in 2013
Glyphosate inhibits the CYP enzymes
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