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WWW 2.0

No description

Kasey Mielke

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of WWW 2.0

Prezi. com What is prezi?
Prezi is a like a powe point but much
better you can use it in many ways
kids get boared very easliy in school
so this will help keep them awake
and focused. You may ask how, how will this help
Prezi has some really cool affect to it where the letters, colors and
directions changing every time you click
this will make students wonder what will happen next. Prezi also lets you put pictures in here and that will help kids understand more of what may be happening. You can move the pictures anyway you want them. For example.... Same picture but diffrent ways. Students will be more intrested. Glogster- This is a very intresting site that can be
used for prestintation like Prezi. This site is like an online poster
that will allow you to put videos, pictures and cool affects on you presentation.
When you make a glog you can put a video you would like to show your students right their no clicking on links or finding it... it is just right their. This will engage your students in what you are teaching. They will be wondering what will happen next. Blogger- Blogger.com helps students and teachers. This will help with students if they missed a day they can get on the teachers blog and see what assignments they need to complete. Teachers can use this to ask questions between each other Pictures can also be put in a blog!! Web 2.0- Web 2.0 is a tecnology that changed over time. An example is now the internet allows people to
link, sharing, trading, and callobrating. Web 2.0 can be used in our
school by getting students
more focused. they will be focused
because it is something new. Kids like working with something new it will want them to learn. Postcast /Webcast A webcast is like T.V
on the web. A Webcast can be used in a classroom if a student has a project and they have to
video tape it they can easly get it done at home instead of waiting to do it at school and never get it done. It will be very helpful to students. Google Docs Google Docs is a really cool program to use for peer editing or haveing people look at your notes to make sure they are correct. Google Docs would be a good program to use for students and teacher they can turn you papers into their you can grade or edit them . Google can also be used as a spreadsheet.
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