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Ways to Tell Your Story: Autobiography, Diary, and the Ficti

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Ethan McDonald

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Ways to Tell Your Story: Autobiography, Diary, and the Ficti

Ways to Tell Your Story: Autobiography, Diary, and the Fictional Adaptation
Main Idea
You will be able to describe the structural differences between an autobiography or a diary and a fictional adaptation.
The Autobiography
Define Autobiography: Simply put, this is the story of a persons life told by that person.
It could be about their whole life
Or only part
This is a form of nonfiction
They are often written in the first-person perspective
Written many years after events have occurred
The Diary
Define Diary: Again, simply put, this is a journal that is kept in which the writer can speak freely without judgement and allow their emotions to fill up the pages.
It is personal
Emotional in nature
Written as events occur in one's life
Fictional Adaptation
Define Fictional Adaptation: The fictional adaptation is when parts of a persons life is the basis for a story, but events have been altered to add drama, humor, protect the identities of others, or simply to make it more interesting or bring more life to the story.
There are many forms to take when telling your story, which would you choose?
Some Autobiographies are worth knowing about, while others are not...
Worth knowing...
Worth forgetting or never had read...
How to Write an Autobiography
Video Diaries
Written Diary
Written diaries can take many forms...
An example...
And another...
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