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Language and Power in Cosmetics advertisments

No description

Lucinda Pain

on 14 October 2011

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Transcript of Language and Power in Cosmetics advertisments

Language and Power in Cosmetics Advertisements Lexis/Semantics Impersonal; the audience is indirectly addressed.
Opinionative with a mixture of facts e.g. 90% agreed that this is the best foundation ever. *Instrumental power is used in these advertisements. *In adverts for mascara, modal verbs such as “spectacular” are used, whereas foundation adverts use words like “light.”
*The photos used create realism and use digital enhancement.
*The adverts have attractive women as the model and main focus.
*In the advertisements formal language is used and it is made personal to the reader with the word “you.” *They tend to be pitched to the average reader *Statistics or the term “new” is used to make the product appear popular.
*The advertisements contain many positive connotations and are made to seem as though they will make a real difference to your life.
*Standard English is used with the sentences being declarative or interrogative.
There is a variation in sentence length, as some are simple to grab the readers attention and other are more complex, as they go into more detail and describe the product.
*Primary purpose of the text is to persuade, but it also describes and informs.
*The image is the central part of the advertisement
*The slogan and the product description follow this and are in smaller print.
*The text assumes that the reader is female and the age of the person depends on what is being advertised. Rimmel Magnif'eyes Mascara ad

*This advert was banned after misleading ASA rules. In the advertisement Kate Moss's eyelashes were digitally enhanced which exaggerated the mascara's benefits.
*There was no information on the advert that Kate Moss's eyelashes were digitally enhanced.
*This shows us how products can be made out to be better than they actually are, but now the product usually says about digital effects in the small print on the advertisement.
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