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Becoming one

cool prez

Razvan Olaru

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Becoming one

Becoming one Agenda Talk about countries Diversity Global thinking How many countries are there in Europe? How many countries are there the European Union? 27 Let`s PLAY!!! What`s that place? split in 4 teams; thinking time: 40 seconds +1 point = good match
- 1 point = bad match
0 points = pass from answering Buckingham Palace - London Finland - Ocean View 50 RULES GO! Khazbegi mountains - Georgia Le sacre Coeur - France Voronet - Romania Turnul Chindiei - Targoviste - Romania Ohrid lake - Republic of Macedonia The National Museum of the Great Patriotic War - Kiev, Ukraine Theatro Kourion - Cyprus Trakoscan Castle - Croatia Meteora Greece White House, Moscow - Russia Copenhagen - Denmark El Escorial - Spain Government Building in Vaduz - Liechtenstein Igls - (Alpes) - Austria Belgrade - Serbia Tirana Albania Selimiye Mosque - Turkey Ventspils Port in Latvia Rotterdam - Holland Balea Lac - Romania St Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin - Ireland The Palace of United Nations Geneva - Switzerland Izvorul Muntelui - Romania Parc Guell - Barcelona Piazza del Duomo - Italy Lysefjord - Norway Sharyn Canyon Kazakhstan And the WINNER is... Congrats! Now let`s see... Why is it important to know other countries as well? How many people outside Romania do you actually know right now? Not on Facebook or Hi5 What international opportunities do you know here in Romania? KEY MESSAGE:
Enjoy internationalism and diversity WRAP UP Good Bye :-)
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