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Cults, Clans, and Communities.

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Chloe May

on 20 September 2015

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Transcript of Cults, Clans, and Communities.

The Impact of The People's Temple
Because of Jim Jones and the People's Temple, many others have tried and succeed to brainwash a huge amount of people. After the leader of a cult promises to save and protect them, they give all of them to the leader.
Cults Are A Social Issue
Most of society has some sort of religion, which makes religion a huge social structure.
Cults, Clans and Communities

The People's Temple
The People's Temple was ran by a religious man named Jim Jones.
Jim Jones claimed that he was a Messiah and promised his 918 followers that he could save and protect them.
Jim Jones moved his followers to Guynana, calling it a Utopia and no one was allowed in or allowed out. A journalist did research about the cult and what was involved in it. (sexual abuse, child abuse and murder.)
When Jim Jones got word of the journalist, he order all of his followers to drink a grape flavoured juice spiked with cyancide and other poisonious chemicals. Saying that this drink would take them to heaven and protect them from the evil on earth.
If his followers did not drink the juice, he would have them shot on the spot.
Cults have been around since the start of mankind. They do nothing but cause hate, and problems. It's scary how one person can influence a large amount of soicety and manipulate them into doing whatever the leader says.
Society has to have faith in something or someone, or they would become lost and confused.
Society needs to be able to think on their own, but they can't and thats a huge reason we have cults.
Society will do anything to feel safe, even if it means to harm or kill snother person.
Cults will never not have an impact on society. We as a society need to depend on a leader to lead us.
Socialist Theorist Who Impacts The People's Temple.
Karl Marx religious theory impacts the People's Temple because he once quoted "humans should be led by reason not faith because religion is masking the truth and misguiding followers."
This quotes impacts what Jim Jones created because they didn't follow reason they followed faith and thats why most of his followers took their own lives.
Karl Marx believed that religion had a huge impact on society and influenced the way people acted, but he didn't necessary think it was for the good of society.
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