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petroleum(crude oil)

No description

ryan mehrtash

on 30 December 2013

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Transcript of petroleum(crude oil)

what are the components of petroleum?
there are 7 main components of petroluem and they are:
nitrogen,less than 1%
oxygen,less than 1%
metals,less than 1%
salts,less than 1%
questions in this presention
Is petroleum a solution or mechanical mixture?
what are the components of petroleum ?
what is the seperation method of petroleum?
how is the separation method useful?

is petroleum a solution or a mechanical mixture
petroleum is a solution since it looks like a pure substance,but is actually a mixture of many different hydrocarbons and chemicals
What is the separation method for petroleum
The separation method of crude oil is called fractional distillation. Since the components of crude oil have different boiling points, the crude oil gets heated in different temperatures and the components get trapped in different holding tanks.
How is the separation method useful
The separation method is very useful because it separates the pure substances and the components of the petroleum and also after the components of the crude oil are separated they can be used as other useful products such as gasoline,diesel fuel,heating oil and kerosene.
Thank you for watching
petroleum(crude oil)
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