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Gender Roles

No description

maria alas

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Gender Roles

By... Ale, Maria del Mar, Adrian Gender Roles According to Megan Capable Chauvinist Some stereotypes are…

Women should stay at home and take care of children and clean house.
Women are not as smart as men.
Women should be teachers and nurses.
A stereotype is a trite image with few details about a group of people who share certain qualities, characteristics and skills.
As a woman in the south its expected you know how to cook and how to clean up the house and to be in it the most of the time
One Similitude between Costa Rica and the US is women drive poorly
According to a friend women are bring up to be more maternal since they are kids but as I see it also happens here in Tiquicia.
Women take care
It’s more acceptable to see a woman drunk in college than in any other age.
Women If women go for younger men they are called “cougars”
It’s normal to see a woman driving a taxi or bus
In parties or reunions in elder times women and men were separate in groups by gender but that was no a rule just something that happened really often.
When feminist appeared they usually got banned
More about women roles After WW2 women started to won her place as equal or get more respect In the south men are supposed to go hunting
Go to the pub on Saturdays it was like a tradition
A man who never gets married its called a loner
“Men take charge” or used to
It ‘s expected that a man move out at 18 or at least do the military service
Its common to watch he super bowl Men Thanks..
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