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The Book Thief Quotes

No description

Daniel R

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of The Book Thief Quotes

The Book Thief Quotes
The last time I saw her was red, the sky was like soup, boiling and stirring. In some places it was burned. There were black crumbs, and pepper streaked across the redness.
White is without a question a color, and personally, I don't think you want to argue with me.
Personally I like a chocolate- colored sky. Dark, dark,chocolate.
Yes it was white. It felt as thought the whole glove was dressed in snow like it had pulled it on, the way you pull on a sweater.
Next is a signature black to show the poles of my versatility if you like. It was the darkest moment before the dawn.
First the colors, then the humans. That's usually how I see things.Or at least how I try.
A single hour can consist of thousands of different colors
Waxy yellows
cloud-spat blues
murky darknesses
In my line of work, I make a point to notice them.
In 1942 and early 43 in
that city, the sky was bleached
bed sheet white
each morning. All day
long, as I carried souls across it, that sheet was splashed with blood, until it
was full and bulging
to the earth.
They fall on top of each other. The scribbled signatue black, onto the blinding global white, onto the thick soupy red.
A suddenness found its way onto his lips then, which were a corroded brown color, like peeling old paint.
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