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Minnie : Thai exchange student in USA.

No description

Minnie Khumpraphan

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Minnie : Thai exchange student in USA.

But here, in USA, the family that hosted me, they have 1 daughter and she became my (host)sister immediately. First, I was scare that I wouldn't get along well. But, now, I'm glad that I get along with her pretty well.
How about
my home city ?
Introduce myself
What Should I do !?
How are they different ?
Cultural Impact
I never had sister before. I have 1 brother, and almost all of my cousins are boys. I'm really close with my brother.

School and friends !
Greeting from Thailand
HI, I'm Supisara Khumpraphan, you would call me 'Minnie'.
I'm AFS exchange student here, in USA. I'm here for whole school year. I just turned 16 on September.
I'm junior.
Why am I here ?
Actually, I chose Japan, France, and Belgium. But then, AFS called me and told me I got USA. I don't know how.
But, somehow, this might be the best experience of my life, who knows. That's why I said 'Yes'
What did I think about USA
before I came here ?
Fast food
Big building
Cheap Apple's products
Bangkok ;
BIG city♥just like New York.

Traffic jam all the time. they're everywhere, buses, Sky-Train system, or even taxi.
I'm exited !
I didn't know anything about USA, no one hosted me yet, and what if no one would host me ?
Then, we had camp. The camp is Orientation camp that the returnees(people who went to exchange and already come back) will give you advice about everything that you wonder about going exchange.
I met the other over 100 exchange students there
Everyone were excited ! I'm not the only one who wondered about everything. We all worried about everything.
I became good friend with them, we hung out a lot after the camp !
I used to live in condominium
back in Thailand. I lived in 14th floor. Big pool with fitness. The roads are busy all the time. Buses and taxies are every where.
Here, I live in the house, 2 floors with big yard and little garden. I love it :). It's awesome house.

In Thailand, it's pretty warm. I can't tell the different from winter and summer, they both warm. The coldest temp. we ever got is 53.6 degrees.
But here, the weather change all the time, it snows when it got cold.
The backyard on my first snowday
My school in Thailand, we never be able to choose the class and the schedule each day is not the same. Everyone always be in the same class. Here, each class, everyone is different.
I miss Thai food
Foods here are so good ! But it's really hard to stop eat rice often and to start to use fork for everything is pretty hard too.
I miss my friends
since we always hang out
Some of my best friends are exchange student here in USA too !!
I'm Ploy,
I came exchange
in New York !
I'm Alice,
I'm exchange
in Ohio !
We've other exchange students in school too !
Leon - from Germany
Giancarlo - from Germany
I know how hard to spend time in country that you can't speak your first language. But you'll explore something new, everything might went wrong. But if you learn new thing, you'll know how fun everything is. Enjoy your precious time here.
I love to draw so much !
Here are some of pictures I drew in computer.
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