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No description

Senate Vice Speaker

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of TYPES OF MOTIONS

Types of Motions
Privileged Motions
Unrelated to the current motion, but important to the body
Dealt with immediately to ensure all are comfortable and able to participate
Incidental Motions
Point of Order
Suspend the Rules
Object to Consideration of the Question
Division of a Question
Main Motions
Introduce new action
Usually take the form of a resolution, which any student can submit online
Subsidiary Motions
Commonly used to amend a motion
Can move to amend
A resolution
Another Senator's motion
An amendment (only two layers)
Types of Privileged Motions
Raise a question of privilege (ie speak louder, scroll down)
Call for orders of the day
Other Subsidiary Motions
To postpone (definitely or indefinitely)
Commit a resolution to a committee
Limiting or extending debate time
The previous question (end debate and vote)
Senate History
R-21-10: Supporting affordable campus housing
R-21-36: Disaggregating student data for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
R-20-17: Encouraging Starbucks to use compostable cups and straws
R-20-34: Creating an on call SANE program
Civic engagement:
R-20-43: In support of a permanent ballot dropbox on campus!
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