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hance clymers prezi

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of hance clymers prezi

After many "go away's", and "you'd be better off not seeing this miss," francis slowly pieced the puzzle together, her father had passes away from committing suicide
chapter 2
in chapter 2 Francis is still in the stage of shock and denial that her own dad has committed such an
act of desperation, as
so many thoughts
and theories raced
her petite mind,
wondering why oh
in chapter 3 Francis along with her family of butlers were notified of there unfortunate eviction from there house do to my that was being owed by franky's father. When this happened they all scrambled in there mind where they would be going as a safe haven, and that led to franky's idea of becoming a hobo
this conversation led Franky to believe that "hoboing" would be fun and that it would also be a great adventure to experience. Despite the several amount of "no's" Franky was receiving, she still went ahead and prepared to become a hobo ever the more.
after Francis was awoken she decided to sit in her bead waiting to see what would happen next, what noise was to come. After a good amount of time francis decided to get out of her bead and venture down the halway, where she found the butlers and varying emergency response members outside of her fathers room
nowhere to call home; by hance clymer; written by cynthia Defelice
in the beginning of our story the main character, "Francis" was woke up to an odd sound in the night but did not know quite what that sound was
chapter 1
chapter 3
chapter 4-5
in chapters 4 and 5, despite what everyone said franky still felt the sudden urge to want to become a hobo.
chapters 6-7
in chapters 6-7 francis had just started buying boy clothing to appear more and more like a male. The reasonning for doing this is because, she did not think she could survive being a hobo, when she was a female.
chapters 8-10 started to reallly feel the consaquenses of being on the streets riding frieghts. She experienced having to bathe in stream instead of tub, eat insects instead good food, and jungle instead of home.
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