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Financial Institutions and Bodies in the European Union

No description

Zsófi Magyarkuti

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Financial Institutions and Bodies in the European Union

European Central Bank Financial Institutions and Bodies in the European Union European
Investment Fund European Investment Bank EIB Group - projects in the EU
countries (90%)

- invests in future member
and partner countries
(SE Europe, Iceland,
M. Neighborhood) - helps the small businesses
a.) venture capital
b.) bank loans

- EU countries, Croatia, Turkey, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway European Central
Bank What is the ECB about? - 17 countries (UK, Denmark)
- ensures transparency --> easily compared prices --> competitiveness
- eliminate risk of currency fluctuation
- good for people What are its roles and tasks? - price stability
- properly balanced money against the value of the goods
- value of currency
- issues banknotes
- payment is smooth throughout the EA Structure. http://www.ecb.int/euro/play/html/index.en.html Activities: - How many member states share the euro?
- Where is the ECB located?
- What images can be found on the front and the back of the banknotes?
- What are the three methods of checking the*** of euro banknotes?
- What is the difference between the back and the front side of a Euro coin? Sources: http://europa.eu/about-eu/institutions-bodies/eib/index_en.htm
http://www.eib.europa.eu/projects/press/2013/2013-022-eib-supports-development-of-stockholm-metro-with-sek-3-5-billion-loan.htm (EIB press)
http://institutions.publicdata.eu/ Thank you for your attention - The Governing Council
- Executive Board
- General Council Simor
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