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planet A resort

No description

tess gomenz

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of planet A resort

120 hours of sleep a time great for people who love to sleep through the day!
Planet A resort:
Never ending paradise
Only 10 days in a year we revolve around the sun fast! Birthdays and
christmas come often!!!!!!!!!!!
Come stay in our beautiful hotel!
Don't be a party pooper! You can dance for 120 hours straight because for 5 days straight its dark. You can break it down or take a break!
120 hours of day 120 hours
of night 2400 hours a year
a lot shorter than earth!

Our axis tilt is 20 degrees that's really close to Earths axis tilt!
On our planet we only have one moon just like Earth!
By: Tess ,Emory , Soraya, and Erich
Our planet has a bonus , we have 25 days straight of winter then 25 days straight of summer, you will never get board of these two seasons! Our axis tilt is 20 degrees, very close to Earth! The winters are less cold and the summers are less warm because of the axis tilt.
Food is provided for you but bring $100,000 to pay for service. You can sit inside or outside depending on the weather. We can sit 950 people at one time!
This is how you get here. It cost $100,000 per person!
It takes 100 earth days to go round the sun!!!!
if you ever think what
the sun is really like
well come to our planet.

when you look around all you see is planets
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