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The Four Hour Work Week: Making Dreams Happen in the Student Affairs Lifestyle

This presentation is based off of Tim Ferriss's Four Hour Work Week book and my presentation given at UMR-ACUHO 2010.

Mickey Fitch

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of The Four Hour Work Week: Making Dreams Happen in the Student Affairs Lifestyle

The Four Hour Work Week
negotiating your reality in residence life author, entrepreneur, adventurist, simplist, investor, lifestyle designer Who is Mickey? Understand basics of 4HWW Who is Tim? What 4HWW is/isn't DEAL Application to res life 3 Q Method the Basics of 4HWW What 4HWW is/isn't DEAL: time * mobility Application to Res Life 1) Karoshi "work to death" 2) Good work rewarded with more work 3) Work-life equation 4) New Rich 5) Efficiency & effectiveness What It Is What it isn't risk taking work w/o interruptions permission granting for change positivity you=average of 5 ppl you don't actually work 4hrs workable in every environment a catch-all solution highly regarded by workaholics/perfectionists Objectives & Learning Outcomes Who is Tim? troubled student; fired from jobs most highlighted book (#5, #4 is Bible), #43 on amazon list 7 languages, tango world record holder Princeton dropout fitness supplement company 8wks mini-retirement in Spain Who is Mickey? Assistant Director of Res Life at UW-Superior UMR-ACUHO Member-at-Large for Inclusion & Equity How I found 4HWW ask for forgiveness, not permission & stop asking for so many opinions and start proposing solutions Tools to use:
Meeting requests in Outlook w/agendas and 1/2hrs
Little notebook
Twitter BUCK THE SYSTEM no more work for work's sake Be ruthless & cut the fat!
weight loss
cutting programs
poisonous people/teams Pareto's 80/20 Law Techniques:
avoid email until tasks are achieved
batch email 8am-noon-4pm
batch information: RSS, auto folders
Low information diet doing the [perceived] impossible Parkinson's Law
"res life as a gas"
DEF: task will swell in perceived importance/complexity in relation to time alloted for completion socially reinforced illusions
you must bust your behind 110% of the time
death by committee
complaining is ok In order to do big things, we need to let small bad things happen Are you having a breakthrough or a breakdown? is it necessary to work like a slave to live like a millionaire? mini-retirements outside of science and law, all rules can be bent or broken summary lifestyle design efficiency & effectiveness "It doesn't matter how many people don't get it. What matters is how many do." Live life large Pay attention to your life What is it?
Is it realistic?
How do I apply it? The arbitrary 9-5 less stuff = more life regular 80/20 analysis efficiency = performing a task in the most economical manner possible
effectiveness = doing things that get you closer to your goals 3 Q's So...what is the 4HWW?
Is it realistic? Relevant?
How do YOU apply it? "Spend your potential often.
Don't wait.
It doesn't accrue interest." Chris Brogan "What on Earth do you do when you no longer have work as an excuse to be hyperactive and avoid the big questions? Be terrified and hold onto your [butt], apparently." Tim Ferriss Definition redefining life repairing or replacing assumptions
must check/respond to email
student crisis is actually a crisis
saying yes to boss
must serve 100% of the people 100% of the time practice selective ignorance obsolete notion of time management ignoring the unimportant Pareto's law low-information diet Elimination in order to do big things... our work is NOT rocket science stop making work harder than it needs to be. work on autopilot Automation Parkinson's law creating the remote control
& using it! mini-retirements escape the boss Liberation I broke the law...and the law won! Muses including:
campground mgmt
fishing fitness/competition foods
board of directors
wild edibles
German language reactivation
coffee barista/master coffee course
speed reading What I've done (just a sample):
get rid of stuff = mobility
pursuing the muse
saving more $$
more positive
love questions?
comments? More of Mickey's applications...
work as one slice of the pie
80/20 analysis (conduct, policies, etc)
establishing an online identity
use of technology
cutting the fat (sanction software, newsletters)
Parkinson's: giving specific time to projects on cal instead of to-do list mickey is awesome
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