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A Casino Should Be Allowed In Every Country!

No description

Go Takei

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of A Casino Should Be Allowed In Every Country!

In modern world... What people like to obtain Healing Hospitality 3 Big Components City Hotels Resort Hotels Casinos Addiction Crime Bad Effect = BAD BUT! Advantages! The Economic Impacts The strict & trustworthy security Successful Life Necessity of teaching young children Job oppotunities Construction employees
to stuff the casino

The suppliers
for an ongoing casino
Profits Visitors spending
so much money = A huge amount of profits on
a country which has a casino Security Guards Restaurants Hallways Entrances Parking lots 1,000 of them!!! 24 hours check to see if something is going wrong Bad things never happen :) Everyone has their own purpose
for gambling Casino managers Many customers A lot of money Winning over other casinos
by satisfying customers Ordinary businessmen Getting accustomed
to make
hard decisions An education strategy of
money making
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