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Persuasive Fallacies Quiz

No description

Audrey Brimberry

on 29 March 2018

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Transcript of Persuasive Fallacies Quiz

Implicit Messages
Implicit Messages
What is the explicit message here?
Media- types of communication that reach large numbers of people.

Obvious or openly expressed ideas and opinions. You can point to it!
This only the tip of the iceberg...
Explicit Messages/Details
Ideas and opinions that are not openly stated. You have to make inferences to uncover the message.
What are the implicit messages?
Is this honest?
What are the types of media you see and interact with every day?What are the types of media you see and interact with every day?
Brands, companies, and organizations use the media to sell products and influence the opinions of people like you and me.
When you are trying to PERSUADE someone to do something, you try to do three things:

1. Make them trust you
2. Make them react emotionally
3. Make them believe that you make perfect sense.
Ethical Appeal-- making someone trust you.
Emotional Appeal--making someone act/agree with you based upon emotions
Logical Appeal--making someone think you make perfect sense
If these products could speak for themselves...
Hey there, handsome. How about a ride in your fancy car?
That's right. I live a fast-paced life...catch me if you can!

I am just
much fun!
I'm healthy, and I like the planet.
"It seems cool even though it looks expensive"
"It's cheaper"
"Paper has name and date and more paper"
Do now: match the product to people's explanation for their preference.
Explicit Details

What is this?
Emotional, Logical, or Ethical appeal?
The secrets behind the magic:
EQ: What invisible forces make a persuasive argument?
These are called Appeals
factual claim:
commonplace assertion
Fallacy/ faulty
reasoning: poor/ bad logic...making an argument that isn't true.
Fallacies are intentionally used to manipulate the audience.

or issue that
demands action
(written or verbal).
What the speaker
hopes to accomplish
by responding to the exigence (need).
The group or individuals the
speaker hopes to persuade.
An argument of the truth of something.
EVIDENCE meant to prove the proof of the claim.
A statement made to persuade someone.
Types of support:
Information you can prove!
A statement people assume to be true but isn't backed up by facts.
ex: We are offering even more balanced choices and finding better ways to share nutrition information with our customers.
Every one of our burgers is made with 100% ground beef.

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