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Jazz Age

No description

Tasya Anggitta

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Jazz Age

When is Jazz Age? End of WW1 Great Depression 20's Jazz New Orleans African American musicians began gathering in New Orleans. There was racism and violence against the Creole and African American population in New Orleans Most of The New Orleans jazz bands of the early 1920s consisted of three voices (cornet, clarinet, and trombone) and a rhythm section. Between 1917 and 1923, racism, prejudice, and violence resurfaced against the Creole and African American population in New Orleans. Many jazz musicians were forced to leave New Orleans during this period, including Joe "King" Oliver, Edward "Kid" Ory, Louis Armstrong, and many more. This mass exodus of the greatest jazz musicians of the 1920s coincided with the spread of jazz music throughout the United States. Jazz musicians fled to Chicago, New York, and Kansas City. Cornet Trombone Clarinet 1920s 1920s era Lifestyle changed... Jazz can be annoying... Music industries discover new ways of making profits, realized that record, sheet music and piano sales could all be tied together Radio became the most important medium in music industry; indie record companies went bankrupt. A lot of independent (indie) record companies Song Plugger: person who worked to make sure his company's tunes would be performed and be a "hit" New York Kansas City Chicago Nothing quite like this had ever happened before in America. And by the mid-1920s, jazz was being played in dance halls and roadhouses and trending around the country.

The blues, that had once been black musician's music, had become an industry. Dance became an important lifestyle. "People didn't think anything about going 150 to 200 miles to dance back in those times, we came 200 miles to see y'all." -a band veteran. " I play jazz records backward because they sound better that way..." -Thomas Edison, inventor of Phonograph: the thing that plays jazz records Jazz music came to seem not merely an annoyance but a threat. why? Disturbing sounds Also condemned because of its origin. Influenced bad morals to its audience (the dances) It has too fast pace "Jazz is often associated with vile surroundings, filthy words, unmentionable dances.." -Editor of Etude "The accompaniment of the voodoo dancer!" -Music Chairman of General Federation of Women's Club Jazz is known exclusively as "The sound of New Orleans" Jazz music originated in New Orleans in the early 1900s Jazz musicians fled to Chicago, New York and Kansas City, spread the influence of jazz music throughout the United States Many jazz musicians were forced to leave New Orleans More quotes.... Chicago's Jazz Different style with New Orleans' Jazz But even the jazz in black clubs was tame compare to jazz in New Orleans There were separate clubs for black people and white audiences, the jazz played in black clubs were faster and wilder than the jazz in white clubs. Jazz became "polite" and directed at the white middle class audiences The
Musicians Joe "King" Oliver From New Orleans Louis Armstrong King Oliver was Armstrong's mentor Was the first "super star" of Jazz music "Best Jazz soloist on Broadway" Has New Orleans' Jazz style Moved to NY Played cornet & trumpet Edward "Kid" Ory First great Jazz trombonist Formed a band with King Oliver, Louis Amstrong, and many others, named "Ory's Creole Jazz" band Brought Jazz to LA Has New Orleans' style Jelly Roll Morton First great composer of Jazz music Owned Red Hot Peppers management Pianist and Vocalist First jazz musicians to travel USA and spread New Orleans' jazz Music! Tasya Anggitta A2 Chicago Jazz The Vipers by Mezz Mezzrow http://grooveshark.com/s/Sendin+The+Vipers/4G9pyp?src=5 New Orleans Jazz Big Butter and Egg Man by Louis Armstrong http://grooveshark.com/s/Big+Butter+And+Egg+Man+From+The+West/2yqAvq?src=5 Jazz still became popular music in the United States, although older generations considered the music immoral and threatening to old cultural values. However.... Thank You! :) Has "New Orleans" Jazz style Invited Louis Amstrong to join the band as second cornetists. "King" of the cornet
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