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No description

Ross Bridgman

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of BYOD - SMART Board XC

Using Extreme Collaboration There are two methods to connecting a
learner, one is via a web address and
the other is using a QR Code reader
(readily available to download for free. Once you have installed the ad-on to your Notebook, create your SMART Board activity as normal. Tablets If you have access to tablets and access to Wifi you can use Extreme Collaboration on this device. It will work on any tablet that has access to the internet. Note You will want to get your learners to download
a QR Code reader from their app store or market place before attending the lesson. This session will cover: Where to download the XC software
How to create an activity
How to add learners so that they can contribute Overview Connecting learners Creation Activities Install Extreme collaboration (XC) as an add on to your Notebook
Set up your SMART Board activities, deciding on the XC activity
Get your learners to scan the QR Code or input the URL into their mobile web browser
Start the activity and tell your learners to click connect
Start Collaborating Extremely! To use Extreme Collaboration (XC) you will
need to ensure you use the activity builder There are several activities available to use with XC, each with its own features. Random position Random position activity will enable the
learner to submit an answer or comment and it will be placed in a random position on the screen. You are presented with this when you click on the Extreme Collaboratoin logo. Click Connect. Setup You have the option to log in,
however this is not necessary. Next, you will need to choose how
your students join the session, either anonymously or by entering their name. C l i c k S t a r t Starting the session You will be presented with an ID,
Activity and Extended settings options.

Click the downward arrow next to the ID
to bring up more options. Click insert QR Code Get your student to either type in the web address or scan the QR Code. List When the learner adds a message it will apear on the screen in a list. Stack When the learner submits a message it will stack one on top of each other. List by category When a learner submits an answer, they will be able to choose which category to put their answer under. Stack by category When a learner submits an answer, they will be able to choose which category to put their answer under, all answers will stack on top of each other. Choosing the right activity When deciding upon the type of extreme activity to choose you will need to ask yourself what do you want to get from the activity Steps for the learner Step 1: Get the learner to either scan the QR Code or type in the URL above the QR Code into their mobile web browser. Step 1 Scan the QR Code or input the URL Learners will be taken to this page Get the learner to enter their name and click connect (once you have started the activity) The learners can now enter a message under each category Once they have entered their message, click send. The message will
appear under the
relevant category.
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