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Battle of Gaugamela

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buddy dog

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Battle of Gaugamela

Alexander's Strategy
Alexander came up with a daring way to win the battle. He angled his troops so that the Persians could not attack him from the sides. Then he moved his cavalry away from the battlefield and the Persian cavalry followed him. This created a gap in the Persian line. Alexander turned his troops and attacked the gap.
Jack, Cameron, and Jacob
The Battle of Gaugamela ocurred in 331 B.C. It was a legendary battle between the Persians and the Macedonias.
Before the Battle
This battle was one of the most important battles that Alexander ever fought. Whoever won this would rule over Persia. Alexander was outnumbered six to one. The Persians had a million infantry, 40,000 cavalry, and 15 elephants. Alexander only had 40,000 infantry and 7,000 cavalry. The terrain was completely flat, which befitted Darius's army because he had bigger numbers. The night before the battle Alexander was anything but asleep. He was up all night creating a genius strategy.
Battle Positions
Persians: Darius

Macedonians: Alexander the Third
Battle of Gaugamela
Alexander won the battle with barely any deaths
in his army. Only 500 Macedonians were killed and 5,000 were wounded. On the Persian side 40,000 soldiers were killed.
This video should explain the rest
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