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Doing the Right Thing Sophomore Assessment Spring 2013

Doing the Right Thing Sophomore Assessment Spring 2013

Anjelica Martino

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Doing the Right Thing Sophomore Assessment Spring 2013

Bennett's Options for a Resolution
What was the Issue?
New Contract
The basic concepts and fundamental principles
of decent human conduct.
A contract is a legally binding or valid agreement between two parties.
Why Ethics is Important in the Business World?
Proper and objective treatment of employees/co-workers

Building of trustworthy relationships, particularly with customers
Intent to Enter into a Contract
Legality of the Agreement
Genuine Consent
Doing the Right Thing
Sophomore Assessment-Spring


Table of Contents
Case Overview
Unsold inventory at extreme discounted prices
Alienation of current clients
Decrease in revenue (millions of dollars)
Loss of jobs
Our Stance on the Issue
Discuss the terms of the contract with Fowler and Reilly
Report the problem
Let the situation take its natural course
Quit his job
What is Ethics?
Ethical Theory
Morality vs. Ethical Theory
is concerned with the
social practices that
define right from wrong
Provides guidelines for
justification of right or
wrong actions when
settling human conflict
Ethical Theories Pertaining
to the Case
Why Act Utilitarianism Applies
Fowler made the contract with his own interests in mind
is the ethical doctrine that virtue is based on utility, and that conduct should be directed toward promoting the greatest happiness of the greatest number of persons
Act Utilitarianism
Rule Utilitarianism
Rule Utilitarianism is that the morality of an action should be evaluated on the basis of principles or rules designed to promote the greatest utility for the greatest number.
Rule Utilitarians hold that rules have a
central position in morality that cannot be compromised by the demands
of particular situations.
Argues that in all situations the utility of an action is based on an act that leads to the greatest good for the greatest number.
Treats rules as useful guidelines to help determine ethical behavior.
Bennett may act in accordance with Act Utilitarianism if he fights the contract.
Legal Capacity
How to Resolve Ethical
Analyze the Actions
Make a Decision
Analyze the Consequences
Consider all of your options.
Will the results of your actions be favorable or lackluster?
How does all of this look over
the long run as well as the short run?
Who benefits by your choice of action?
Take both parts of your analysis (actions and consequences) into account.
Nearly 10 years with same management team
Bennett's Impact, Influence, and Responsibility
Team focus on building relationships
Revenues for team doubled annually
Recognized as an “Outstanding Team” nationwide
There was a dramatic decrease in unsold inventory.
Case Overview
Unsold inventory rates had been rising since 1997.
Anjelica Martino, Amanda Saunders, Dustin Delorenzo, Enmanuel Hierro, Kenneth Heitzenroder
Did not think of the possible affects on others
Bennett’s Responsibilities as Vice President
Acting in the best interest of the company
Overseeing the business activates of the Southeast region
Reporting goals and accomplishments of region
Providing leadership
A moral theory that contends that all choices either involve or should involve self-promotion as their sole objective.
Egoism and the Case
Did not include co-workers
Providing an opportunity for sustainability and growth
Bennett’s Responsibilities to his Subordinates
Ensuring an ethical work environment
Promoting emotional security
What was the Conflict of Interest?
Stock options in Northpark along with seat on the board of directors
Close relationship with Centurion CEO, Chuck Reilly
Fowler was once the CEO of Northpark
Regard’s for one’s own interests
Acts of Prudence
Fowler’s Acts of Prudence
Creating a contract without the knowledge or consent of the VP of Centurion
Did not check company data
Centurion progress in unsold inventory

Available unsold inventory
Threatening employees who questioned or were insubordinate to the contract terms
The Elements of a Contract
Contract Breach
is failing to perform any term of a contract, written or oral, without a legitimate legal excuse.
Was there a Breach in the Northpark contract?
Existing contracts with Centurion will be superseded by Northpark without the knowledge or consent of these terms, those contracts would be considered breached.
Fiduciary Duties Analysis
Fowler was not interested in the fiduciary duties of Centurion, just Northpark
New Centurion contract breaches all current and previous Centurion contracts
New contract designed to disintegrate Centurion and magnify Northpark
Can a Contract be Legally Valid but also Unethical?
Yes, a contract can be legal and unethical.
A legal contract is one that is upheld by the courts of law.
An ethical contract is one that also has to be upheld by the court of public opinion.
The government bailouts of the banks in 2008 were considered by most experts, very unethical but the were also very legal.
How it Applies to the Case
We do feel that the contract between Centurion and Northpark is both illegal and unethical.
It is illegal because it voids the existing contracts with the other clients, which would bring them lawsuits.
It is unethical because Joseph Fowler has a conflict of interest playing both sides.
Thank you!
Are there any Questions?
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What was the Issue
Our Stance on the Issue
Bennett's Options for a Resolution
Morality vs. Ethical Theories
How to Resolve Ethical Dilemmas
Bennett's Impact, Influence and Responsibility
Conflict of Interest
Acts of Prudence
Fiduciary Duty Analysis
Legally Valid and Unethical Contracts

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How do they measure up against moral principles like honesty, fairness, equality, and respecting people's rights?
Analyze all of the consequences, to each of your options.
Stopping the contract would create the most good for the most people
Who will be harmed?
What are the different levels of harm and benefit?
Make a decision.
It includes study of universal values such as
the essential equality of all men and women,
human or natural rights,
obedience to the law of land, concern
for health and
safety and, increasingly,
also for the
natural environment.
Works Cited
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