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Biblical Discipleship

No description

David Munley

on 30 January 2017

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Transcript of Biblical Discipleship

Biblical Discipleship
Acts 2:42-47

Pillars of Discipleship
Community Service
Half shared their faith in the past year

Bible Knowledge
3/4 or More Believe:
The Bible teaches that:

“God helps those who help themselves”

Jesus was born to a virgin

out of every
believers donate money to their church in a typical year

George Barna Statistics
The universe was created by God
The miracles in the Bible all happened
All people will be judged by God
Sin is not an outdated concept

Between 1/2 & 3/4
The Bible is totally accurate in all that it teaches

Jesus did not commit sins on earth

Jesus had a physical resurrection

The Holy Spirit is not a living entity, but just symbolic
Angels exist and influence people’s lives

Three-quarters attend worship services in a typical month

Four out of ten do not know what worship is

Three out of ten have not experienced God’s presence in the past year

Half do not experience His presence in a typical service

Less than one out of four make worship part of their lifestyle
Less than half claim
a personal responsibility
to share their faith

Less than one out of ten have built friendships to share their faith
Between 1/4 and 12 Believe
Some sins cannot be forgiven by God

Everyone experiences the same outcome after death, regardless of their beliefs

They have a responsibility to evangelize

All religious faiths teach the same lessons

The average total giving
by believers to their church:
$500 per year

8% of Believers Tithe

16% Give Nothing

Half of all born again Christians volunteer at their church/year

Two-thirds volunteer somewhere – church or elsewhere

2/3 assert that God expects them to serve the poor –

but 1/3 gave time and money to the poor last year
Out of 65 non-religious behaviors,
values and attitudes measured,
when Christians and non-Christians
were compared ,
the differences were:

84% of people surveyed in a national
sample said they personally knew
at least one committed Christian.
Only 15% thought
the lifestyles of those Christians were significantly different from the norm.
Copyright 2007
The Middle Road
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