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History of baseball

No description

katlyn gilbert

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of History of baseball

History of baseball
Idition Germony, July 21, 1919
When did the rules as we know them come along into being?
The rules have evolved from the original knickbocker Rules in 1845 to the first set of national league rules in 1877.
Who is Alexander Cartwright?
He was the father of baseball.
Activity 2
Activity 1
Activity 3
In 1991, the Baseball Hall of Fame heard about a printed reference to organized baseball in America. What was the name of the paper and the date of publication?
Where was baseball played in the 1820"s?
Africans began playing baseball on Informal teams, useing local rules, in the early 1800's
What did you find out about the Prince of Wales and baseball in 1748?
On Tuesday last, his Royal HYighness the Prince of of Wales, and Lord Middlesex, played at Baseball (sic) at Walton in Surry (sic);not withstanding the Weather was extreme (sic) bad, they continued playing several hours."
What is his full name?
His full name is Jackie Roosevelt Robinson.
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