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El dictador

No description

Francisca Reyes

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of El dictador

3. They hate each other because they have been fighting a lot of time because of Jerusalem, a saint city for the judish and the muslims. They have been fighting because both religion say they are the chosen one by god, and both religions said they belong in Jerusalem. So this is more a teological fight that continues over the centuries. 4. In the movie they define dictatorship as a country where 1% of population takes the benefits, only some people have benefits, they ignore people medical necessities, they manipulate elections, etc. But that its not so different what happens now in USA or in most of the countries that have a "democracy" 5. The problem in mid orient its basically because the juds have been searching the "promise land" taking territory in different countries.
Also in mid west have petroleum so countries like the USA wants to take control over it 6. We think that the movie was good and it’s absolutely recommendable for laugh about the things that are happening right now in the world and see it from another point of view. The content of this movie it’s not for over think it, but could work out if you want to see something for enjoy it and relax from the problems. 7. All the characters in the movie were very interesting, but we like it the most the substitute of Aladeen, because he always do something unexpected and funny. We also like that he make things that in the real world could be seen like something disrespectful but in the movie was cool, and specially like that nobody realize that he wasn’t Aladeen, even when he was even more crazier and stupid than the real one. 8. We like one of the first scenes when the dictatorship of Aladeen it’s explain to the audience and they show the words he change for Aladeen, like positive and negative and one doctor tried to explain the HIV test results to the patient and he said he was HIV Aladeen and the patient change his face expression from happy to sad a lot of times. And when Aladeen shoot a boy, because the gun safety said Aladeen instead of Aladeen. The DICTATOR 1) Make a comparative view of the ''inocent musslims'' and the movie you will see 2) Explain the reason why he change hummers for smart cars 3) Why the main character and his people hated jews 4) According to the final speech; make a comparative between democracy and dictatorship 5) Investigate the conflicts in mid west and establish a relation with the movie 6) Give an opinion about the movie 7) What was your favorite secondary character, explain why 8) Which was your favorite scene ?
In the movie the dictator, the main character its a womanizer, he's against democracy, and he fights for his dictatorship.
And in the movie "the inocent of the muslims" there's a lider similar to Aladeen, but, as a parody, so that
make muslims feel ofended. In the movie, he change hummers for smart cars
as a metaphor of Zoey. She's a smart and ecologic girl
just as the smart cars.
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