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Dylan Butterfield

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Genocide

Here we have a picture of a bunch of jews that were killed and are fixing to be burned.
Remebering the Holocaust
Gas Chamber
Here is a picture of a gas chamber. When the jews were going into the building they thought that they were going to take a shower. Once the room was filled, the doors were locked and gas came out of the shower heads instead of water.
Remembering the Holocaust
Concentration Camp
Here you have a concentration camp. It was like a prison for the Jews instead of a place to help them. Horrific medical testing, acts of starvation and working individuals to death occurred daily.
Remembering the Holocaust
Remembering the Holocaust
By Dylan Butterfield
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler was an excellent speaker and used anti-Jewish propaganda to convince the Germans that they were detrimental to society.
Remembering the Holocaust
This picture shows you what the Nazi's did to the Jew's. They would kill them, then throw them into a pile as if they were a piece of trash.
All of the Pictures were produced from prezi.
Holocaust Museum
Remembering the Holocaust
The Holocaust Museum was built in our nation's capital, between the years of 1989 and 1993. It was built so that people would never forget the atrocities that occurred, and to educate future generations about the potential of unchecked hatred and ignorance. They dedicated the Museum to all of the individuals that were killed by the Nazi's.
Preventing another Genocide
There are different ways we can prevent Genocides from happening. We can stay away from trying to wipe out a certain race or taking rights away from someone because of their race or their skin color. We can make laws that state that there may not be any acts that can lead to a genocide. Governments must be encouraged to educate children at a young age of tolerance and of the importance of equality.
Holocaust Impacts
After the holocaust most of the surviving Jews fled the country so that they could rebuild there lives and be away from discrimination. The surviving Jewish population suffered lasting physical and emotional effects. Many families were decimated by the Holocaust with few to no surviving members. People lost their homes, businesses, livelihoods, families, sense of safety and belonging, their homeland, family heirlooms, traditions, history and much more.
The Holocaust still effects many Jewish and non-Jewish people to this day. In addition to the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C., there are numerous museums through out the world dedicated to this event that change people forever after visiting.
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