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School Wide Positive Behavior Support Program

No description

Vicki Phillips

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of School Wide Positive Behavior Support Program

School Wide Positive Behavior Support Program
#1. Arrivals/Departures
follow emergency procedures
follow transportation rules and safety expectations
follow LCTI's I.D. policy
designated arrival and departure areas
respect school property
Emergency procedures
Please Do Now:

On the white boards in front of you write down 3 bullet points of what you should do in this situation:

You are walking to your assigned bus and you hear a Code Red called over the loud speaker, what should you do?

You have 2 minutes, GO!
Turn and Talk:

Turn to the person next to you, both of you should read what you wrote down, then have a discussion on which ones are the best, choose the top three choices
Share with the class your top 3 choices!
Some good choices are:
get to a safe and secure area
proceed to the nearest lab, classroom or office
if you are close, get on the bus

Transportation Rules and Safety Expectations
LCTI's I.D. Policy

Have it on your body at all times
Keep it visible
Show it to administrators, teachers, and aids with out any issues
Designated Arrivals
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