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Making Orphanage

There is still hope <3

Christina thor

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Making Orphanage

Making a Difference
There are many babies abandoned out there . I wanted a change for this , leaving babies abandoned on the streets , i want the people who cares to help them. After seeing a video about Seoul pastor’s drop box orphanage, I wanted to make a change of this. Don't throw your child into the streets if you don't want them no more , children doesn't have a choice to be born. We should change by building more orphanage in the world, helping the abandoned babies in the streets. Doing our best , risking ourselves lives for these children. I , so is a children I would want more adults to help them too .
Making a Orphanage
Why would Mothers abandoned their child ?
There is many reasons for this but this is only what is think and heard.
Mothers are sometimes still young or doesn't have money for taking care of their child. Some doesn't have a father because their father might left them, like not want them. Some mothers might worry about their child safety or they just don't want a child. Sometimes mothers are going threw a lot of stress or depression.
Things WE can help & make a change
We can help donate money to charity, or donate stuff to help the red cross.
Why/How would this make a change ?
As I said in many frames, there are too many children being abandon out there. Being useless and alone. I heard the line before but not much, babies don't have the words to say but it's us who have to stand up for them. This can make a change by saving a child's life from starvation , dehydration, and many more. How will it get started ??
Think about it
What if you got abandoned, or lost your parents how would u feel?
Thank you
Thank you very much . I hope all children will receive love and happiness. Thank you to the guy who inspired me of the drop box, making me know there is still hope for these orphan.
Drop Box
After seeing a video of Seoul pastor’s drop box orphanage, I was inspired. I would want people to build the "The Drop Box " like people in Seoul did. I also want to give thanks to the guy who did this and all the people who helped. I wanted people to have more of the the drop box because it helps save babies life's and helping mothers who can't take care of their children with reasons.
We can help build more orphanage out there in the world.
Help adopt a child (for adults only)
Provide food and clothes for them
Give out hopes that maybe one day things will get better <3
- Sad
But by making a change ..
we'll feel better knowing there is still hope. Help us pray, maybe one day children being abandoned will receive love and happiness. There is not much to say but all I could say is hope is still out there.
Email : Christinathor54@yahoo.com
Media Arts
Making Orphanage to help change children's lifes.
Christina Thor
6th grade

Photo from http://nowaitwhat.tumblr.com/
Photo from : http://evolutionaryparenting.com/educating-the-experts-lesson-two-needs/
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