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Comparing Supermarkets

No description

Tiffany Lee

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Comparing Supermarkets

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Products sold? Not sold?
Location of products
General layout of store (and why?)
Sensory experiences
People shopping (gender, race, class)
1) Compare Sydney - Traditional vs. Asian

2) Compare US - Traditional vs. Asian

3) Compare Sydney vs. US
Supermarket Activity
Coles vs. Miracle Asian
What are we looking at?
Coles Supermarket
Traditional vs. Asian
in Sydney, Australia

Miracle Asian Supermarket
Psychology of layout

Cultural needs
Nicole Hajjar
Tiffany Lee
Suzanne Kim
everyday products
meat, produce, dairy, etc.
"traditional" layout
clean, organized, neutral space
shoppers of different genders and races
Asian cultural/specialty products
lacked produce and dairy
disorderly layout
packed together
mostly Asian shoppers
What is the very first thing you notice?
Think of flows- entry, exit, choke points. What products are offered there?
What is the ratio between fresh foods and processed/packaged foods?
Where is the dairy section? Why?
Where is the soy sauce? Why?
Who is shopping? Think gender, race, and class.
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