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Holocaust VS Armenian genocide

similarities and differences

Antoine Assal

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Holocaust VS Armenian genocide

Deaths in the holocaust Deaths in the Armenian genocide Why did they kill Armenian people ? They killed the Armenian people because they were racist and didn't like them. They also killed them because they hated people that were Armenian. These were the reasons they killed the Armenian people Why did they kill jewish people ? How did they kill the Armenian people ? Some people were butchered and some died from starvation, exhaustion, and plenty more brutal ways. They were also killed by gas chambers. They were also killed by open air mass shooting then their heads were cut off. Then their heads were put on some sticks because they wanted the other people to see that that could happen to them. They were also killed be infections in there bodies. How did they kill jewish people ? Why did they do the holocaust ? Why did they do the Armenian genocide ? They did the genocide because they wanted land. They also did the Genocide because they wanted to take over their environment. They wanted to take control of the Armenian people. they also did the genocide because they did not like the Armenian people. The leaders of the Armenian genocide The leaders of the holocaust About 11 million people died in the Holocaust. Six million of these dead people were jewish. About 270,000 Romans, Sinti, and gypsies and Hitler also targeted homosexual people. Hitler also killed Catholic priest, slaves, Black people, and plenty more. There were killed plenty of ways. The jewish people were killed many brutal ways. How are they both the same ? It was estimated that about half a million people were killed. A lot people were killed only from 1915 to 1923. Most of these people were Armenian. There was a lot of deaths a lot of families were separated and killed. The people lived in a area that was in Armenia the leaders of the genocide killed most of those people. they took all those people and made them work until they died. They killed jewish people because they wanted the perfect race. They wanted people with blue eyes and a specific nose shape and blond hair and they had to be fit. They also killed jewish because they weren't perfect. They also killed the jewish people because they are the ones that stopped the war that they were in. They also killed them because they were the enimies. The nazis killed jewish people by mass open air shooting. The nazis killed jewish people by making them work till death. Some jewish people died from starvation. Some people were executed. Kids and women and old people were killed because they were poisoned. A lot of people died because they didn't get enough food and they were given no medication. Resources Mehmed Talât [Pasha], Ismail Enver [Pasha], and Ahmed Djemal [Pasha] they were the 3 main leaders of the Armenian genocide. "Teshkilati Mahsusa" this was the secret organization that controled the Armenian genocide. they were the most brutal leaders. they were the ones that always wanted to execute every one that was Armenian. Mehmed Talaat Pasha Ismail Enver Ahmed Djemal A leader of the holocaust was Heinrich Himmler. More leaders Reinhard Heydrich, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Adolf Eichmann, Hans Frank, Heinrich Müller, Oswald Pohl, Friedrich Wilhelm Krüger, and Hitler. They were all very strong with their army. They were all racist and hated jewish people and people that were very different. Two of these leaders died do to suicide. Four of these leaders died from execution. One of these leaders died do to assassination and one leader still remains unknown. Friedrich Wilhelm Krüger Oswald Pohl Heinrich Müller Hans Frank Adolf Eichmann Ernst Kaltenbrunner Reinhard Heydrich Heinrich Himmler Adolf Hitler They did the holocaust because the nazis wanted the perfect race. They wanted the people that had blond hair and blue eyes and the noses a specific shape and many other things. Hitler wanted to do the holocaust because he found out about the Armenian genocide. he thought that he wouldn't get caught because the leaders were never caught. but Hitler didn't have much luck he was caught. Introduction They are both the same because in the holocaust they killed people the same ways. They are also both the same because they all controlled an amount of people and they all did what they said. They are different because Hitler was caught doing this but the leaders of the Armenian genocide were not. These are reasons why they are the same and different. Why did they do the holocaust? Why did they do the Armenian genocide? You might also ask your self why they are they the same. well if you ceep on reading you will know if they are the same. If you read you will see the deaths and leaders and plenty more. http://www.armenian-genocide.org/genocidefaq.html
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