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Farm Animal Rights Movement

No description

Annie RapLag

on 24 February 2016

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Transcript of Farm Animal Rights Movement

99% of farm animals in the US are raised in factory farms
There are 20,000 Factory Farms in the USA
No More Growth Hormones
Happy Animals = Happy World
Cleaner conditions reduce the chance of food borne illness

Happier animals produce a better quality product

Sustainable farms reduce the strain on the environment
The Quality Egg of New England, LLC
Turner, Maine
Produces quality AA and grade A eggs
4 million laying hens
Produces over nine thousand cases of eggs each day
Delivers to wholesale and retail stores
High quality fresh products are a must
Farm Animal Rights Movement
Saving Animals - One Farm at a Time
Who We Are
Ensure Safe Quality Production
Maintain a salmonella & E-coli free enviornment
Provide a sanitized, spacious and happy enviornment
Chickens are housed in USDA approved coops
Chickens are well fed and kept hydrated
To become F.A.R.M certified you must...
Meat birds grow at an unnaturally rapid rate
Legs cannot support body weight
Try to walk, collapse after a few steps
Let the birds grow naturally
We Want to Educate...
We Want to Reconstruct...
The Farm Animal Rights
Movement (FARM Inc.)
is a non-profit organization
seeking to improve the lives of
animals raised for the benefit of
human consumption.
The workers of Quality Egg to learn how to properly care for the animals by:
Having a maintenance staff to frequently maintain the cages
Constantly supply the birds with the diet as necessary
Educate the workers to clean as they go to avoid diseases.
Goals and Objectives:
To increase the quality of life for
livestock intended for the food
industry, specifically pigs, cows,
chickens, and goats.
Companies will provide materials to rebuild cages
Better access of food and water
Provide a more spacious enviornment so the birds can move around freely
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