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Uber Friendship Presentation

No description

Sara Varon

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Uber Friendship Presentation

marks a life even
more deeply than love.
risks degenerating into
is never anything but

-Eli Wiesel
Both child with special needs and volunteer
share a valued experience
from this invaluable friendship.
67% of teens will communicate exclusively through

Friendship Circle facilitates the connection between teen volunteers and individuals with special needs to form a unique friendship.
Over 50,000 real friendships have been made since Friendship Circle's founding 20 Years ago.
In 2010 had 16,057 Facebook posts and 884 tweets consoling her death, yet it took almost a year to find her body alone in her apartment

Facebook was created in 2004
Loneliness has doubled since 1980
Suicide rate has increased by 40 % since 1999
I thought it would be a one time deal, and I would
never look at this organization again.........thanks to the sense of purpose Friendship Circle has taught me, I now work in public interest law

-Former FC New Jersey Volunteer Presiden

Monitor how friendships progress
to determine ideal platform and curriculum
Expand to over 100 friendships
Expand market beyond the special needs community.
Continue developing curriculum
It's time for real friendship.
It's time to prioritize friendship
It's time for
Uber Friendships.
Recruit team of experienced Friendship Circle staff to create curriculum and mission tasks.
Children with special needs and teen volunteers
Hospitalized individuals in need of friendship.
Refugees who are alone in the country in need of friendship.
Friendships between different races and ethnicities to educate tolerance
The sky is the Limit!
Friendship in the 21st Century
-2010 Pew Report
The Friendship Circle Revolution
Surveys sent to gather data on how teens interact online
Select five volunteers to interact with their special friend via online platform
Launch UberFriendship
Closely monitor 50 new friendships specifically for individuals with special needs.
Phase 1 of UberFriendship
UberFriendship Timeline
UberFriendships will connect
Together, we can make Friendships a priority.
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