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First in Show Pet Foods, Inc.

No description

Beatrice Botezan

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of First in Show Pet Foods, Inc.

Beatrice Fulea
1 MDAE First in Show Pet Foods, Inc. Contents Recommendation Problems:
new dog food in a new form
objections to frozen dog food
lack of appeal of frozen dog food
be first to tap the vast market
capitalize on the growing popularity of organic dog foods
lay the groundwork for Show Circuit's national market roll-out Problems and opportunities Program budget manufacturer price=$9.26
food broker price=$9.96
supermarket price=$12.77
market size=10 billions x 1.2%=120 millions
supermarket size=120 millions x 36%=43.2 millions Analysis of options $500,000
lower risk
significant market share
increased promotional budget Context
The company and the product
The environment and the competition
Problems and opportunities
Creative strategies
Media plan
Program budget
Analysis of options
Recommendation When?
January 2009
First in Show Pet Foods, Inc. executives and Marketing Momentum Unlimited representatives
Review the introductory program for First in Show's entry into the retail branded dog food market in Boston The company and the product First in Show Pet Foods
major producer of dog food for show-dog kennels in USA
Show Circuit
new product
formulated by a mink rancher
adopted by a nearby dog kennel
contains 85% fresh meat and 15% highest quality fortified cereals
recommended by professional show-dog owners
packed frozen in a 15-ounce plastic tube with 12 tubes per case
$7.87 per case total variable costs The environment and the competition Trends in the environment:
increasing dog ownership
dogs as members of the family
growth in premium and super premium dog food
growing emphasis on organic food Dog food market
50 dog food manufacturers and 350 dog food brands
3 categories: dry, canned and treats Creative strategies Target market
singles and marrieds between the ages of 21 and 54
household income greater than $25,000
the luxurious fur coat
the world's finest dog food
the guilt concept
your dog can eat what show champions have been eating for years Media plan General media strategy
1. create awareness of new brand
2. obtain distribution through supermarket outlets
3. motivate trial through coupon redemption
4. motivate trial through emotional impact of television Newspaper/Magazine
position the product against its competition
attention-getting ad with a brief product history
distributions of coupons into the market Television spots
capitalize on the love of pet owners for their dogs
emphasize location
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