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Glow and Libraries

Presentation for SLA / SLG Training Day, Perth 11/6/11

Ross McGregor

on 13 June 2011

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Transcript of Glow and Libraries

on a winter's night If a traveller My background School Librarian Glow? Yes, please! What I do now - Glow Development Officer Supporting schools and services with CPD
CfE support
Digital literacy CPD is key The Librarian's role? Engaging with pupils? Create networks Glow can do this! Existing networks Library groups Book groups
Writing groups
Study groups bring them online collaboration
creating Thinking about Literacy Across Learning Wider definition of text
Digital literacy
Moving image education
Games-based learning Are we 21st century literacy specialists? Using ICT to create networks and resources Why bother with Glow? Glow is a national network and a local authority network and a school network and a specialist network any network within the context of the wider education community We don't need to work in isolation and a class network in a national context How to? Create a network with a basic Glow group a few pupils who hang about the library at lunchtime across year groups, S1 to S6 any P6/p7 pupils interested from feeder schools? pupils from other schools in the authority? any other staff interested, in schools or in other library or book-related sectors? make it national - publish your Glow group e.g. for a book group called The Marvel Universe Pupils can be given different roles for the creation / management of the Glow group The role of pupils Site design
Graphics / photos
Different aspects of content e.g. reviews / news
Admin / membership Pupils can create with Glow tools Forums - discussions / questions / requests / creative interaction Wikis - perfect for collaborative writing e.g. Scots poetry wiki Blogs Countless uses
Extreme flexibility
Pupil ownership Tools you can embed in Glow why bother? part of a network (national and local) creates a strong educational context Books! Librarything Shelfari YouTube (book trailers) Media / News Feeds Live video streaming Social media updates Text and graphics tools Glogster Wix Prezi plus loads of animation / graphics tools! examples? comic life, go animate, etc Beyond the library... Literacy across learning how can these tools be used across the curriculum? presenting information / data reading skills what is a literary text? information skills building a narrative in any subject? Managing resources for learning and teaching
Supporting CfE
Engaging learners Collaborating with departments
Providing expertise
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