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Jeanette Clough - Mount Auburn Hospital

No description

Sarah Buchmann

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Jeanette Clough - Mount Auburn Hospital

Jeanette Clough - Mount Auburn Hospital
Leadership Strengths of Jeanette Clough
Reorganized departments after attrition of senior management
Added service agreement with Harvard Medical School
Restructured departments when presented with opportunities to make them into profit centers
Leadership Strengths of Jeanette Clough
Human Resource
Met the needs of employees with open communication and ease of access
Actively listened at all levels of the organization
Built relationships to support different the needs and empowerment of various work groups
Alternative Courses of Action
Move critics
Negotiating with the stakeholder
necessity of expansion
showing the benefits of the hospital
offering reduced health care services
Keeping the “historical asset”
Dilemma of Jeanette Clough
After four years of a highly successful turnaround at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA., Jeanette Clough is getting heavy resistance from the community to expansion plans that are vital next steps to the long term sustainability of the hospital.
Using negotiations
Build up trust first
Open letter
Newspaper articles
Holding speeches
Being present at local events
Next step: well planned expansion

fulfillment of all decision criteria
Leadership Strengths of Jeanette Clough
Network allowed her to strategically select new senior management team
Forms strategic alliances with organizations outside of the hospital
Identified relevant relationships within the organization
Leadership Strengths of Jeanette Clough
Built the narrative of a need for change and collaboration
Restates the values and mission of Mount Auburn as calls to action
Symbolic gestures such as recognition, showing up at events, etc.
Key Decision Criteria
1. Succeed in the expansion of Mount Auburn Hospital
2. Future success of Mount Auburn Hospital
3. Satisfaction of the citizens and physicians
a. Satisfaction of "historic asset claimers"
b. Satisfaction of abutting neighbors
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