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Business Process Management Defined

Business Process Management: Defined. What is BPM and why is it important to your business?

Brett Kovatch

on 10 June 2010

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Transcript of Business Process Management Defined

Business Process Management What is BPM? the practice of documenting, building and managing a formal business processes.
Common BPM Characteristics: Attributes are captured throughout the process.
Work item progress and attributes are tracked and used as audit trails Decisions are not made by people. They are built into the process Tasks or process information can be updated by people or applications Process information and attributes are passed within the process to be used in other stages. Business Process Management is..... Item attributes are tracked as they progress through each stage. The process creates and passes work items through multiple stages Why is BPM important to YOUR business? Sets business process development standards Reduce Human Error through automated decision making Continually improve your business processes Produce consistent and predictable results Increase individual productivity
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