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Progress Report

No description

Jack Satchell

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of Progress Report

Progress Report
Research - Specific Movies
French New Wave
2. The 400 Blows*
3. 2 or 3 Things I Know about Her
4. Bande a Part*
5. Pierrot Le Fou*
6. A Woman is a Woman*
7. Made in U.S.A.
8. Prenom: Carmen
Other Relevant Films
Theater - The Drowned Man
Email Correspondence
David Moritz

Testing 1
1. Filmed simple scene
- Mother and Son arguing about what to have for dinner.

2. Edited scene together into 3 different versions with 3 distinct styles. (Neorealist, New Wave and Psychedelic)

3. Paired the clips with a questionnaire to gather feedback on audience reaction to the different styles

How this will be used
To get a basic idea of current audience opinions towards these three distinct styles of editing

To dictate how far each style is pushed in the final film

e.g. discontinuity of FNW segment can be toned down as it confused people

Current Testing
-Focus on psychedelic
-Shots, editing techniques, overall tone
-Questionnaire again to dictate how this is used in the final film
Italian Neorealist
1. Bicycle Thieves*
2. L'avventura*
3. My Voyage to Italy
4. Umberto D*
5. Miracle in Milan
6. I Vitelloni
7. L'eclisse*
1. Enter The Void*
2. Altered States*
3. Brazil
4. Naked Lunch
5. A Field in England*
6. Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas
7. The Films of Kenneth Anger
8. Eraserhead
Progress on Portfolio Piece
Gantt Chart
Overall on track with a clear idea of what to do going forward

Testing was neglected a little but this is being rectified

Research so far has been too film based, more research into other areas (music and theatre) needs to be done

Need to read more books and (especially now) more specialised books
"One HAS to be familiar with
[French New Wave and Italian Neorealism]
if one is to appreciate film-making. "The Flowers of Saint Francis" "Alphaville" "Breathless"... need I say more?" -
David Moritz
Dana E.
Working on 2nd draft of

Confirmed actors and locations

Shooting 17th to 24th March
Editing to Affect Tone, Pace & Meaning in Film
Aims & Objectives
Common Characteristics
Italian Neorealist
French New Wave
Long takes
Often unfolding in real time
Slow Pace
Continuity or "Invisible" Editing
Strives to be "real"
Use of silence (L'eclisse)

- Very reflective
- Realistic tone
- Heightened emotional
attachment and/or thematic
Choppy cutting
Jump Cuts
Detached and unrealistic
Conspicuous soundtracks
All about rhythm and style

- Detachment from characters/
- More surface level enjoyment
- Exercises in style
Investigate different styles of editing
Test fundamental editing techniques for different styles. (French New Wave, Italian Neorealist and Experimental/Psychedelic)
Conclude what effect these styles/techniques have
Utilise them in an original film piece.

Research styles of editing - French New Wave, Italian Neorealist and Psychedelic filmmaking.
Compare/contrast how these differing styles create unique tone, pace and meaning.
Use primary & secondary research
Effectively re-create the editing style of each of the areas researched
Test how these styles affect an audience
Conclude exactly how these styles affect an audience differently and therefore determine the most effective uses of each.
Final Film
Story of a relationship in three snapshots (Like a condensed Before Sunrise, Sunset, Midnight)

Three distinct styles
- Meeting/Falling in Love -> French New Wave
- "Honeymoon Phase" -> Psychedelic
- Decay/end of relationship -> Neorealist
Results (so far)
Version 1 (Neo-Realist)
Good (if plain) cinematography, direction and editing
Clear idea of what is happening
Perhaps too drawn out
Version 2 (French New Wave)
Mostly disliked
Style was confusing to viewers who sometimes felt it was just poorly editing
Detached from characters
Some found it amusing
Particularly confused by lack of chronology at some points
Version 3 (Psychedelic)
Mostly liked
Very interesting to watch, novel effects
More thought provoking
"the presence of the devil"
This will serve as both a film in it's own right and a showpiece of a range of editing skills & styles
Events happening around you, organic discovery of the story

Logical extension of 'The Limey' and 'Last Year at Marienbad'
- except YOU are the editor
Jerry Maguire
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Beautiful Creatures
Up in the Air
Young Adult
Mean Girls
Contingency Planning
Arrange understudies that live close by.
Few backup locations.
Full day before shooting to sort out/test equipment.
Plenty of time at each location - can deal with any problems
Camera booked week after main shoot for pickups
Rapid cross cutting of images
Sometimes almost between match cuts
Disorientating, hallucinogenic quality
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