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Why Turtles Are So Slow.

No description

Jaida Mitchell

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Why Turtles Are So Slow.

Why Turtles Are So Slow A couple weeks later, Dionysus was watering his vineyard when he noticed a lever hidden behind a bush. Out of curiosity, he pulled it. All the sudden a cellar like door opened in the ground. There they were… All 10,000 turtles. All almost starved to death. David was watching above from a hill and got in a boat he made and vanished the island. That night Dionysus, Carol and the turtles partied harder than they ever had before… The turtles got SO drunk, that they stayed that way. FOREVER. That’s why they walk so slow. An original myth, by Jaida Mitchell Carol was the queen of the island. Although she had no people to rule over, she was in charge of someone… or some things… Turtles! The entire island of Turti was home to over 10,000 turtles. Carol didn’t exactly rule alone though. Her boyfriend was Dionysus. Dionysus, Carol and the turtles, partied all day, every day. But it wasn’t always all fun and games… Carol had a son with a mortal, Sean, and their son’s name is David. David despised the turtles… He HATED those turtles. For no particular reason, but he directed all of his anger and energy to finding some way to capture and kill the turtles. David was a very clever man. He devised a plan to distract his mother and Dionysus, so he could capture all 10,000 turtles and hide them underground. After they’re all captured, he creates a hole in the ground and puts them all in there. The party Carol and Dionysus attended lasted for 6 MONTHS!!! When they got back, they wondered where all the turtles went. David said they ran off in his sleep and he looked all over for them. They began a search of the entire island. No rock was left unturned… Quite some time ago, where the island of Sardinia in Italy now sits, there was an island called Turti. Turti was home to the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite, Carol. He told Dionysus and Carol about the best party every held, which was off the island. They were skeptical, but packed a couple bags, and left to have the time of their lives. Meanwhile,
David is setting traps all over the island to capture the turtles. Mythology The even happier ending... Eventually, Dionysus found David and punished him using his favorite weapon... Madness!
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