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All Quiet on the Western Front

No description

Em Lynne

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of All Quiet on the Western Front

The historical backdrop of All Quiet is the battlegrounds of Europe during WWI,
. The equipment and battle experiences are real.
The characters are made up, but they are extremely realistic and, given the author’s firsthand experience, are likely based upon real people.
By Erich Maria Remarque
Began writing as a hobby when he was sixteen or seventeen
Didn’t pick it up professionally until after the war when he really had a story to tell.
Remarque was wounded five times during the war
Began his first book while in the hospital following the last injury
After the war, Remarque wandered from job to job
salesman and from place to place.
This is the fate of many soldiers, even today.
All Quiet on the Western Front was published in
and was immediately successful both in Germany and abroad.
In fact, a movie version was made in

years after the book was originally published
and it won several Academy Awards.
All Quiet on the Western Front, though successful and popular, was controversial. It was too much
for some people to handle and contradictory
to war stories from earlier times.
Erich Maria Remarque (Erich Paul Remark)
Born in Germany on

June 22, 1897
He grew up poor
Left home to attend the University of Munster at age seventeen, intending to be a teacher
While attending University, he was drafted
into the German army at age eighteen

His main character, Paul, volunteered to be a soldier
Spent his time after the war between Switzerland and the United States
Became a U.S. citizen in
Died in Switzerland in

All Quiet on the Western Front is
historical fiction
Historical fiction
is a type of
in which the narrative is set in another time or place with attention being paid to historical accuracy.
Is All Quiet a True Story?
Remarque’s years as a soldier allow him to include semi-autobiographical elements, but the actual people and specific situations in the book are made up or re-worked versions of real events.

All Quiet is considered
historical fiction
, and was inspired by Remarque’s own war experience, but is
an account of his experiences. It’s similar to the way Hollywood produces things that are
“based on a true story”
“ripped from the headlines”.

Can you think of titles that fit that style?
WWI Basic Background
Soldiers putting up barbed wire barriers.
World War I information
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