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No description

Savanna Ford

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Composition

Compositional Strategies Leading Lines Leads the eye from the foreground, to the background. all leading lines pictures are from: http://www.photips.com/photography-tips/leading-lines.html Rule of thirds an image is "divided into thirds",and the subjects in the photo should be lined along these imaginary lines. all rule of thirds photos are from:
http://www.shutterfreaks.com/Actions/RuleOfThirds.php Framing the Scene Objects are used to bring focus to the main subject. all framing the scene photos are from:
http://www.photips.com/photography-tips/framing.html Cropping taking a part of the bigger picture, and zooming in on it. all cropping photos are from:
http://www.ephotozine.com/forums/topic/day-26-october-2011--macro-photography-examples-93236 Vantage Point The point of view that the picture is taken from, high or low. all vantage point pictures are from:
http://www.earth-photography.com/Countries/Norway/Norway_Nature_Plant.html Non Distracting Backgrounds focuses on the main subject of the photo, and doesn't draw your attention to the background. all non distracting background photos are from:
http://www.paranoias.org/2011/03/celebrity-portraits-by-martin-schoeller/ Symmetry both sides of the photo are the same and equal. symmetry photos are from :
http://www.bestfreewebresources.com/2011/04/30-stunning-examples-of-symmetrical-photography.html Lighting Either natural or studio lighting, is just the way the photographer uses light to add an effect to the photo. all lighting photos come from:
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